The company was established in 1964. The plant is located about 290 km from Karachi at Mirpurkhas in Sindh. The company's shares are quoted on the Karachi stock exchange. It is considered as one of the leaders in the sugar industry and attained the distinction of being ranked amongst the top ten companies in Pakistan by the Karachi Stock Exchange for 3 years.


The production capacity presently stands at 5,000 TDC (Tons per Day-Sugar Cane Crushing). The production process is Defeco Remelt Carbonation producing white sugar.

As at March 31, 2003, its shareholders' equity and total assets amounted to Rs.170 million and Rs. 985.142 million respectively, while it achieved a turnover of Rs. 268.763 million.

The company employs about 750 personnel, including a complete agricultural department involved in the development of sugar cane cultivation, distribution of fertilizers and agro chemicals to cultivators. It has a 300 acre experimental farm which develops and tests new varieties of seed and fertilizer.