Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Ltd. was established with an aim of producing high quality sugar for its customers and meeting the expectations of its stakeholders. We ensure transparency and professionalism at every step of our dealings, and look after the interests of our stakeholders.


This statement of the Company is based on the following principles:

Quality of Product

• We strive to produce the highest quality of sugar for our customers.
• We believe in technology and innovation and strive to implement innovative ideas in the Company.
• We maintain all relevant technical and professional standards to be compatible with the requirements of the trade.

Dealing with Employees

• We recognize and reward employees for their performance.
• We measure the performance of our employees by their ability to meet their objectives, their conduct at work, dealings with others both within and outside the organization, their contribution towards
training people and succession planning, and innovation at their work place.
• We provide a congenial work atmosphere where all employees are treated with respect and dignity and work as a team for a common goal.
• Unless specifically mentioned, all rules and regulations prevailing in the Company apply to all levels of employees of the Company.

Responsibility to Society/Interested Parties

• We have an important role towards our society, shareholders, creditors, the Government and public at large. We are objective and transparent in our dealings with all our stakeholders so as to meet the expectations of the people who rely on us.
• We meet all our obligations and ensure timely compliance.

Financial Reporting & Internal Controls

• To meet the expectations of the wide spectrum of society and Government Agencies, we have implemented an effective, transparent and fair system of financial reporting and internal controls.
• To ensure efficient and effective utilization of Company’s resources, we have placed financial planning and reporting at the heart of management practice as this not only serves to facilitate viable and timely decisions, but also makes Company dealings more transparent and objective oriented.
• We have sound and efficient Internal Audit department to enhance the reliability of the financial information and data generated by the Company. It also helps in building confidence of our external stakeholders.

Purchase of Goods & Timely Payment

• To ensure cost effectiveness, we only purchase goods and services that meet our specifications and are priced appropriately. To gauge the market conditions and availability of substitute products
or services, we obtain quotations from various sources before finalizing our decision.
• We ensure timely payments, which over the years, has built trust and reliability amongst our suppliers.

Conflict of Interest

• Activities and involvements of the Directors’ and employees of the Company in no way conflict with the interest of the Company. All acts and decisions of the Management are made in the interest of the Company.

Observance to Laws of the Country

• The Company fulfils all statutory requirements of the Government and follows all applicable laws of the country.

Environmental Protection

• The Company uses all means to protect the environment and to ensure health and safety of the work force. We have, and will continue to attain, necessary technology to ensure protection of the environment and well being of the people living in adjoining areas of our plant.

Objectives of the Company

• We at Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Ltd., recognize the need of working at the highest standards to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.
• We conduct the business of the Company with integrity and supply only quality and credible information.
• We produce and supply goods and information with great care and competence, to ensure that customers and creditors receive the best quality and care.
• We respect the confidentiality of the information acquired during the course of our work with our
business associates, and refrain from acting in any manner which could discredit the Company.
• Our organization is free of all vested interests that could affect its integrity, objectivity and independence.